A Lost And Hungry Dog Was Too Scared To Let Anybody Close, Until One Woman Did This

When Amanda Guarascio and Dylan Parkinson of Carbonado, Washington State heard about the frightened dog, they knew they had to rescue him. The canine, who had been separated from his owner for months, was almost skin-and-bones.

Many passers-by attempted to feed and adopt the dog. But he was too scared to let anybody close.

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The two girls already heard about the dog’s fear of strangers. But that didn’t stop them from attempting a rescue. The first day, they tried to coax him with food but were unsuccessful. They drove back-and-forth to town to buy a variety of goodies that would lure the dog. But it was all to no avail.

Amanda and Dylan were not able to win the trust of the frightened and starving dog. But they were not going to give up that easily.

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The two went back the next day to give their rescue another shot. They tried the old food trick again and had the same results.

But that’s when Amanda decided to do something creative.

Pretending she was injured and in need of help, Amanda curled into fetal position and laid on the gravel. She spent an hour inching closer to the dog, whom by now they had named “Baby Bear.”

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As she got closer, Baby Bear started whimpering and yawning — a calming signal dogs make when seeing someone in need of help.

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Amanda kept inching towards the dog until she rested right beside him. Bear eventually allowed Amanda to cuddle him. She petted her new canine friend for two hours until he allowed her to take him to the car.

This look deserves an “amen.”

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Bear is now on his way to recovery, thanks to the two girls who never gave up on him. He is being cared for in an animal shelter and awaits adoption.

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