Ustadz Abdul Somad Age, Wife, Bio

Name Ustadz Abdul Somad
Date of Birth May 18, 1977 (Age: 45)
Place of Birth Indonesia

Ustadz Abdul Somad


Ustadz Abdul Somad was born on May 18, 1977 in Indonesia. Islamic preacher from Indonesia who became famous for his lectures on many topics related to Hadith studies and jurisprudence.

The year 1998 marked the year when he was awarded a scholarship to attend Al-Azhar University. He is the author of a number of novels, the most recent of which was published in 2018, titled Amalan Yang Paling di Dicintai Allah. The name Rohana was passed down to him by his mother, while Abdul was passed down to him by his father.

Ustadz Abdul Somad

Wife and Family

Ustadz Abdul Somad’s wife is a kind and caring woman who is always there for her husband and children. She is a great cook and loves to entertain guests. She is also a very religious woman and is always ready to pray and help others.

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