Thomas Wenski Age, House, Bio

Name Thomas Wenski
Date of Birth October 18, 1950 (Age: 71)
Place of Birth Florida

Thomas Wenski


Thomas Wenski was born on October 18, 1950 in Florida. A prelate of the Roman Catholic Church from the United States who was elevated to the position of Archbishop of Miami in 2010.

In Miami, he oversaw a summer programme for children of African American descent. He has put in many hours of effort to improve the relationship between the Diocese of Miami and the Cuban community that resides in the city. His father came to the United States from Poland.

Thomas Wenski


Thomas Wenski’s house is a beautiful two-story home located in Orlando, Florida. The home has a large front yard with a white picket fence and a paved driveway. The home also features a back patio and a swimming pool.

Thomas Wenski house

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