Thomas Altizer Death, Books, Bio

Name Thomas Altizer
Date of Birth September 28, 1927
Place of Birth West Virginia

Thomas Altizer


Thomas Altizer was born on September 28, 1927 in West Virginia. He died on Nov 28, 2018 (age 91). A radical theologian who gained notoriety for the way in which he incorporated Friedrich Nietzsche’s concept of the “death of God” into his own teachings.

He received his Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts, and Doctor of Philosophy degrees from the University of Chicago. His thoughts on religion were published in the now-iconic issue of Time magazine titled “Is God Dead?” Along with his sisters Jane and Nell, he spent his childhood in Charleston, West Virginia. He had three marriages that ended in divorce: the first two were to Gayle Cygne and Alma Barker, and the third was to Barbara Walters. From his first marriage, he was blessed with a son named John, and from his second marriage, he was blessed with a daughter named Katharine.

Thomas Altizer


Thomas J.J. Altizer is an American theologian and author who is best known for his radical reinterpretation of Christianity. His work often focuses on the death of God and the apocalyptical aspects of Christianity. Altizer is a controversial figure within the theological community, and his work is both praised and critiqued by scholars.

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