Therese Of Lisieux Death, Books, Bio

Name Therese Of Lisieux
Date of Birth January 2, 1873
Place of Birth France

Therese Of Lisieux


Therese Of Lisieux was born on January 2, 1873 in France. She died on Sep 30, 1897 (age 24). A Catholic nun from France who was known to the general public as “The Little Flower of Jesus” and went on to become one of the most venerated saints in the history of the Catholic Church. The Story of a Soul, which was a collection of her writings, ended up being a highly revered classic within the Christian church.

She entered the convent at the age of fifteen after being born in Lisieux, which is located in France. She was given the title of Doctor of the Church, making her the person with the youngest age at the time of her appointment and the third woman to ever be given the honour. She was the youngest of her two elder sisters.

Therese Of Lisieux


Therese Of Lisieux was a French Carmelite nun who is widely venerated as a saint in the Catholic Church. She is also known as “The Little Flower of Jesus” or simply “The Little Flower.” Therese wrote several books during her lifetime, including her autobiography, “The Story of a Soul.” This book chronicles her early life, religious experiences, and spiritual insights. In it, she describes her “little way” of achieving sanctity through love and self-giving. Therese’s writings have inspired many people to follow her simple yet profound approach to Christian living.

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