Sun Myung Moon Death, Net Worth, House, Church, Wife, Books, Bio

Name Sun Myung Moon
Date of Birth February 25, 1920
Place of Birth North Korea

Sun Myung Moon


Sun Myung Moon was born on February 25, 1920 in North Korea. He died on Sep 3, 2012 (age 92). The Unification Church was established in 1954 by Sun Myung Moon, a Korean religious leader, commercial billionaire, and media mogul.

When he was 10 years old, his entire family made the decision to convert to Christianity, despite the fact that his family had previously held strong Confucianist convictions. He established News World Communications, which is the parent company of a number of different periodicals. In 1944, he wed Choi Sun-kil, who would become his first wife.

Sun Myung Moon

Net Worth

Sun Myung Moon is a South Korean religious leader, businessperson, and media mogul. Moon was born in what is now North Korea, and his family moved to the South during the Korean War. He is the founder of the Unification Church, and he has been married three times. Moon has been accused of financial wrongdoing and sexual misconduct, and he was imprisoned in the United States for tax evasion. Moon’s net worth is estimated to be $1.2 billion.


Sun Myung Moon’s house is a beautiful, sprawling estate that sits on acres of land. The house is full of luxurious amenities, and it is clear that Moon has spared no expense in making his home a comfortable and opulent place to live. There is a staff of servants who attend to the needs of the family and guests, and the grounds are well-manicured and beautiful. It is clear that Sun Myung Moon is a man of means, and his house is a reflection of his wealth and status.

Sun Myung Moon house


The Sun Myung Moon Church is a new religious movement that was founded by Sun Myung Moon in 1954. The church teaches that Moon is the Messiah and that he was sent to Earth to complete Jesus’ unfinished work. The church also teaches that Moon is the founder of the ideal family and that families can be united through his teachings. The church has been criticized for its beliefs and practices, but it continues to grow and attract new members.


Sun Myung Moon was the founder of the Unification Church, and he wrote a number of books about his religious beliefs. In these books, Moon describes his vision for a unified world under God, and he outlines the steps that he believes people need to take in order to achieve this goal. Moon’s books are sometimes controversial, but they offer a unique perspective on religion and society.

Wife and Family

Sun Myung Moon’s wife, Hak Ja Han, is also known as “Mother Moon”. She is a co-founder of the Unification Church, and also works as a missionary and lecturer. She has been married to Moon since 1960, and together they have 14 children.

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