Solanus Casey Death, Books, Bio

Name Solanus Casey
Date of Birth November 25, 1870
Place of Birth Wisconsin

Solanus Casey


Solanus Casey was born on November 25, 1870 in Wisconsin. He died on Jul 31, 1957 (age 86). Brother of the Catholic faith who worked to assist the needy in Brooklyn and Detroit.

Following his departure from the family farm, he pursued careers as a lumberjack, orderly, jail guard, and street car operator. Even though he suffered from an illness when he was younger that caused severe damage to his voice, he was nonetheless considered a candidate for sainthood because of the work he did as a priest. He was one of fifteen children.

Solanus Casey


Father Solanus Casey was a humble man with a great love for God. This love is evident in his many books, which include “The Way of the Cross,” “The Catholic Faith,” and “A Guide to Spiritual Development.” In each of these books, Casey shares his wisdom and insight in a way that is accessible to all readers. His deep faith and commitment to helping others find God is evident on every page, making his books essential reading for anyone seeking a deeper connection with the divine.

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