Simon Kimbangu Death, Bio

Name Simon Kimbangu
Date of Birth September 12, 1887
Place of Birth DR Congo

Simon Kimbangu


Simon Kimbangu was born on September 12, 1887 in DR Congo. He died on Oct 12, 1951 (age 64). A religious leader who is best known for founding Kimbanguism, a sectarian offshoot of Christianity with over 5 million adherents and originating in Africa. Kimbanguism was based in Africa.

In 1915, he underwent a religious transformation and became a Baptist. From that year until 1921, he served as a Baptist catechist. In 1921, he was arrested for sedition, and a year later, he was found guilty of the crime. His family was originally from Nkamba, and his father held a revered position in the local religious community.

Simon Kimbangu

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