Sara Castellanos Guerra Age, Bio

Name Sara Castellanos Guerra
Date of Birth March 13, 1992 (Age: 30)
Place of Birth Colombia

Sara Castellanos Guerra


Sara Castellanos Guerra was born on March 13, 1992 in Colombia. A pastor whose speaking tours and written work have established her as one of the most prominent young voices in Christian worship in South America, she is also one of the youngest voices to hold this position. She wrote the best-selling book “En Construccion,” which is about the construction industry (2017).

After finishing her education in Colombia, she relocated to the United States and enrolled at Regent University. On the YouTube channel known as The Guerras, she documents her experiences as a wife, a mother, and a devoted Christian. She is a pastor’s daughter; her father’s name is Cesar Castellanos. She wed a man whose name was Lau, and the couple now has a son whose name is Isaac.

Sara Castellanos Guerra

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