Sam Adeyemi Age, Net Worth, Wife, Books, Bio

Name Sam Adeyemi
Date of Birth February 3, 1967 (Age: 55)
Place of Birth Nigeria

Sam Adeyemi


Sam Adeyemi was born on February 3, 1967 in Nigeria. A prominent member of the religious community, as well as an author and public speaker, he is most known for establishing the Daystar Christian Centre. Additionally, he was the host of the motivational series Success Power, which was broadcast abroad.

The Daystar Christian Centre was established by him in November of 1995. His books Success Is Who You Are and Parables of the Dollar are two of the greatest sellers in their respective genres. He was wed to Nike Adeyemi at the time.

Sam Adeyemi

Net Worth

As of 2020, Sam Adeyemi net worth is estimated to be $5 million. Sam is a renowned Nigerian pastor, motivational speaker, and author. He is the founder and senior pastor of Daystar Christian Centre, one of the largest churches in Nigeria. Sam is also the founder of Success Power International, a ministry that provides resources and training to help people achieve their goals. He has written several books on success and personal development, including Ruling Your World and Power of Covenant. In addition to his writing and speaking engagements, Sam Adeyemi also owns a number of businesses, including a real estate company and a media production company.


Sam Adeyemi is a Nigerian pastor and author who has written several books on Christian living, including Designing Your Life, Moving From Survive to Thrive, and From Success to Significance. In his books, Adeyemi provides readers with biblical principles and practical advice for living a life that is pleasing to God. He encourages readers to seek God’s will for their lives and to trust in His provision. Adeyemi’s books are popular among Christians in Nigeria and other African countries.

Wife and Family

Sam Adeyemi’s wife is a wonderful woman who supports her husband in all that he does. She is a mother of two and a homemaker. She is also very active in her church and in the community. Sam Adeyemi’s wife is a strong woman who is always there for her family.

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