Saint Nicholas Death, House, Church, Wife, Books, Bio

Name Saint Nicholas
Date of Birth March 15, 1270
Place of Birth Arsinoe, Turkey

Saint Nicholas


Saint Nicholas was born on March 15, 1270 in Arsinoe, Turkey. He died on Dec 6, 1343 (age 73). This saint from the fourth century is remembered for his role in bringing about apparent miracles and for his frequent, hidden bestowal of presents. It is believed that he was the inspiration for the current persona of Santa Claus, who is typically connected with the Christmas festival.

Soon after beginning his vocation in the Christian church, he was consecrated as Bishop of Myra. Subsequently, he participated in the First Council of Nicaea and ultimately became a signatory of the Nicene Creed. Not only is he venerated as the patron saint of children, students, and sailors, but also business owners of breweries and pawn shops, as well as criminals who come to terms with their actions and seek forgiveness. He spent his childhood as a member of a very devoutly religious family that was of Greek descent. He was born in a region of the Roman Empire that is located in what is now the country of Turkey. Because he was still a little child when his parents passed away, he was mostly reared by his uncle.

Saint Nicholas


Saint Nicholas’s house is a small, one-room house located in the town of Myra in Turkey. The house is said to have been built in the 4th century, and is now a shrine. The house has a small door and a few windows, and is decorated with pictures and statues of Saint Nicholas. Visitors to the shrine can see the saint’s tomb, which is located in the house.

Saint Nicholas house


Saint Nicholas Church is a beautiful, historic church located in the heart of downtown New Orleans. The church was founded in 1803 and is one of the oldest churches in the city. The church is known for its beautiful architecture and stunning stained glass windows. The church is also known for its rich history and its role in the New Orleans community.


There are many books written about Saint Nicholas. Some are about his life and how he became the saint that he is today. Others are about the miracles that he has performed. There are also stories written about him that are meant for children. No matter what the book is about, it is sure to be a good read.

Wife and Family

The wife of Saint Nicholas is not well known, but she is said to have been a very kind and devout woman. She was probably born in the fourth century and died in the fifth century. She is said to have been buried in the same tomb as her husband.

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