Rutilio Grande Death, Bio

Name Rutilio Grande
Date of Birth July 5, 1928
Place of Birth El Salvador

Rutilio Grande


Rutilio Grande was born on July 5, 1928 in El Salvador. He died on Mar 12, 1977 (age 48). A Jesuit priest from El Salvador who was killed in 1977, a year before the start of the civil war, and who became a martyr for the cause he believed in.

Archbishop Luis Chavez y Gonzalez was the one who encouraged him to become a priest, and the seminary of San Jose de la Montana was where he received his education. Romero, an American film directed by John Duigan and released in 1989, featured him as one of the primary subjects. In 2005, his nephew, Orlando Erazo, was ordained to the role of parish priest in El Paisnal.

Rutilio Grande

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