The Reason Why This See-Through Church Was Built Will Make You Lament

A group of artists and architects in Limburg, Belgium pieced together 100 columns and 2,000 layers of steel to create this see-through church.

Kristof Vrancken via Architecture Lab

The structure was created by a firm called Gijs Van Vaerenbergh as part of a contemporary art project.

They named it “Reading Between The Lines.”

Kristof Vrancken via Architecture Lab

The church is 10 meters high. From the foot of the hill, it looks like a solid piece of architecture. But as you climb up, the building seems to vanish into strips of solid lines — a visually stunning experience that will hold you in awe.

The church is not only perched right on top of a scenic hillock, it’s also right below a majestic view of the Milky Way at night, making its location even more heavenly.


Although the structure may not serve the traditional purpose of holding religious services, it does have an important function: it is a poignant reminder of the “emptying out” of churches in the area.

Kristof Vrancken via Architecture Lab

So this coming sunday, why not make your local church a little less empty, and pay it a visit.

Kristof Vrancken via Architecture Lab

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