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Name Ravi Zacharias
Date of Birth March 26, 1946
Place of Birth India

Ravi Zacharias


Ravi Zacharias was born on March 26, 1946 in India. He died on May 19, 2020 (age 74). This Evangelical Christian was a pioneer in the Christian Apologetics movement in addition to being the founder of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries. He is best known for hosting the radio programme “Let My People Think” as well as other programmes centred on religious topics.

After a failed attempt to take his own life in 1963, a member of a Christian church paid him a visit and suggested that he read the Gospel of John, which led him to change his religious beliefs and become a Christian. He had been an agnostic during his teenage years. During the time that he was serving in the military, he collaborated with members of both the Viet Kong and the United States armies to carry out evangelical missionary activity. After that, he established a ministry in the province of Ontario in Canada. Although he was born in British-controlled India, he eventually made his home in Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States. After getting married in 1972, he and his wife Margaret were blessed with three children: two daughters (named Naomi and Sarah), and a son (Nathan).

Ravi Zacharias

Net Worth

Ravi Zacharias is a world-renowned Christian apologist and philosopher who has an estimated net worth of $5 million. Zacharias was born in India in 1946 and emigrated to Canada in 1966. He is the founder and president of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM), a global organization that exists to engage the minds of the skeptical and the hearts of the believer. Zacharias is a respected speaker and author, having written over 30 books on topics such as apologetics, theology, and spirituality. He has been awarded honorary doctorates from dozens of institutions, including Harvard University, and was named one of the 12 most influential evangelicals in the world by Time magazine in 2005.


Ravi Zacharias’s house is in Atlanta, Georgia, and is a beautiful two-story home with a garage and a driveway. The inside of the house is just as beautiful as the outside, with hardwood floors, a fireplace, and a kitchen that would make any chef jealous. The house is also full of books, which is fitting for a man who is a world-renowned Christian apologist and author. Zacharias and his wife, Margie, have four children, and they all live in the Atlanta area.

Ravi Zacharias house


Ravi Zacharias was born in India in 1946 and immigrated to Canada in 1982. He is the founder and president of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM), and is considered one of the most influential apologists for Christianity in the world today. Zacharias has authored over 30 books, including the best-selling Can Man Live Without God? and has spoken at hundreds of universities, including Harvard, Princeton, and Oxford. In 2010, Zacharias was named one of the “12 most influential evangelicals” in the world by Time magazine.


Ravi Zacharias is an Indian-born Canadian-American evangelical Christian apologist. A former atheist, Zacharias converted to Christianity at 17 years of age. He has written numerous books on Christianity, apologetics, and spirituality, including the best-sellers Can Man Live Without God and The End of Reason. Zacharias has been described as “one of the most articulate and well-informed defenders of the Christian faith today”.

Wife and Family

Ravi Zacharias’ wife, Margie, is a beautiful and intelligent woman. She is a great support to her husband and is always by his side. She is also a talented speaker and has spoken at many events.

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