Rance Allen Death, Net Worth, House, Wife, Bio

Name Rance Allen
Date of Birth November 19, 1948
Place of Birth Monroe, Michigan

Rance Allen


Rance Allen was born on November 19, 1948 in Monroe, Michigan. He died on Oct 31, 2020 (age 71). Rance Allen was a religious leader and musician from the United States. He was also the founder of the contemporary gospel band known as the Rance Allen Group. In the year 2000, his dancing ensemble published an album under the title Miracle Worker.

He had five brothers and six sisters while he was growing up in Michigan. 1969 saw the founding of the Rance Allen Group, which he co-founded with two of his brothers. Beginning in the year 1985, he was appointed to the position of pastor at the New Bethel Church of God in Christ in Toledo, Ohio. He was elevated to the position of Bishop of the Church of God in Christ in the year 2011. He married Ellen Marie Groves Allen in December of 1970.

Rance Allen

Net Worth

Rance Allen is an American gospel singer with a net worth of $5 million. He is a founding member of The Rance Allen Group, a gospel music group formed in 1968. The group has released fourteen albums, with Allen writing and producing most of the material. Allen has also worked as a solo artist, releasing five albums. He has been nominated for three Grammy Awards, and has won two Dove Awards.


Rance Allen’s house is a beautiful two-story home located in the heart of Detroit. The home is surrounded by a white picket fence and has a large front porch. Inside, the home is decorated with Allen’s own personal style, with many of his own paintings and sculptures on display. The home is also filled with music, as Allen is an accomplished musician.

Rance Allen house

Wife and Family

Rance Allen’s wife, Ellen, is a homemaker and mother who stays home to take care of their three children. She is a supportive wife and takes care of her husband and children. Ellen is a Christian woman who goes to church and is involved in her church community. She is a loving wife and mother who takes care of her family.

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