Patrick William Riordan Death, Bio

Name Patrick William Riordan
Date of Birth August 27, 1841
Place of Birth Chatham, Canada

Patrick William Riordan


Patrick William Riordan was born on August 27, 1841 in Chatham, Canada. He died on Dec 27, 1914 (age 73). He was a religious leader within the Roman Catholic Church and served as the Archbishop of San Francisco from 1884 until 1914.

In the year 1865, he was given the ordination to become a priest, and in the year 1866, he was given the position of professor of religious history and law at St. Mary’s of the Lake in Chicago, Illinois. During the catastrophic earthquake that struck San Francisco in 1906, he was acting as the Archbishop of that city. After the earthquake, he sent his condolences and offered prayers to the people of San Francisco who had suffered the loss of their homes. He was brought into the world in New Brunswick, Canada by his parents, Mary Dunne Riordan and Matthew Riordan. When he was seven years old, the family relocated to Illinois.

Patrick William Riordan

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