Moshe Feinstein Death, Books, Bio

Name Moshe Feinstein
Date of Birth March 3, 1895
Place of Birth Belarus

Moshe Feinstein


Moshe Feinstein was born on March 3, 1895 in Belarus. He died on Mar 23, 1986 (age 91). Orthodox rabbi and Jewish law specialist who rose to prominence for his extensive number of Halakhically-based judgements.

In 1936, he made the move to the Lower East Side of New York City. He became involved in a wide variety of matters involving medical ethics, and he served as a consultant for the Association of Orthodox Jewish Scientists. His father was a rabbi, and he was born in the city of Uzda in Belarus. Later on, he tied the knot with Shima Kustanovich, and the couple went on to have four kids together.

Moshe Feinstein


Rabbi Moshe Feinstein was a world-renowned Orthodox Jewish rabbi, posek, and author who served as the rosh yeshiva of Mesivtha Tifereth Jerusalem in New York City. He was also a member of the Council of Torah Sages of Agudath Israel of America. Feinstein wrote many books on Jewish law, which are still widely used today. Some of his more popular works include Iggerot Moshe, Darchei Moshe, and Teshuvot Radbaz.

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