Michael Curry Age, Net Worth, Wife, Books, Bio

Name Michael Curry
Date of Birth March 13, 1953 (Age: 69)
Place of Birth United States

Michael Curry


Michael Curry was born on March 13, 1953 in United States. A prominent religious figure who became known throughout the world for his role as the 27th presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church. As a result of the sermon he delivered at the royal wedding between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in May of 2018, he received widespread media attention and critical accolades from throughout the world.

In 1975, he graduated with honours from Hobart College, where he had previously obtained his bachelor’s degree. He attended the illustrious Yale Divinity School in order to acquire his master’s degree in divinity there. His educational background includes time spent at Wake Forest University, Princeton Theological Seminary, and The College of Preachers. After his performance at the royal wedding, he has been featured on CNN and Good Morning America, among other news programmes. He and his wife Sharon are the parents of two kids together.

Michael Curry

Net Worth

Michael Curry is an American basketball coach. He has been the head coach of the Detroit Pistons since 2014. He has also coached at the college level. In his coaching career, he has won an NBA Championship, two NCAA Championships, and an Olympic gold medal. As of 2020, Michael Curry has a net worth of $8 million.


Michael Curry is a renowned author who has written many books on various topics. His books are very informative and provide a great deal of insight into the subjects he writes about. Curry’s writing style is very engaging and his books are very easy to read. I would recommend any of his books to anyone looking for a good read.

Wife and Family

Michael Curry’s wife is a woman of great faith. She has been a rock for her husband during his time as a bishop. She is a woman of prayer and has a heart for the people of her husband’s diocese. She is a strong supporter of her husband’s ministry and is always there for him.

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