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Name Meher Baba
Date of Birth February 25, 1894
Place of Birth India

Meher Baba


Meher Baba was born on February 25, 1894 in India. He died on Jan 31, 1969 (age 74). Indian mystic who believed in the power of love to unite people and who also claimed that he was the Avatar, or God incarnate in human form.

When he was a young boy, he established The Cosmopolitan Club, which encouraged its members to broaden their horizons and give back to the community. As a spiritual teacher, he chose not to talk in the later stages of his life and instead communicated through nonverbal means instead. His mother and father’s names were Shireen and Sheriar respectively.

Meher Baba


The house that Meher Baba lived in was a simple one. It was a small, rectangular structure with a thatched roof. The walls were made of mud and the floors were dirt. There were no windows or doors, and the only furniture was a wooden bed and a chair. Despite its simplicity, the house was always clean and comfortable.

Meher Baba house


Meher Baba was an Indian spiritual master who was born in 1894 and died in 1969. He is considered to be Avatar, or divine incarnation. Meher Baba taught that the purpose of life is to achieve self-realization and that the soul is immortal. His books include “Discourses,” “Life at its Best,” and “God Speaks.”

Wife and Family

Meher Baba’s wife was known as the “Mumtaz Mahal” of the Avatar, and she was a truly devoted and selfless companion. She gave up her own life to serve Meher Baba and the cause of Truth, and was always at his side, even during his long period of silence. She was a source of strength and inspiration for all who knew her, and her love for Meher Baba was an example to all.

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