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Name Martin Luther
Date of Birth November 10, 1483
Place of Birth Eisleben, Germany

Martin Luther


Martin Luther was born on November 10, 1483 in Eisleben, Germany. He died on Feb 18, 1546 (age 62). Theologian and priest from Germany who is credited with igniting the Protestant Reformation in the 16th century by criticising the Catholic Church’s sale of indulgences in his 95 theses, which he nailed to the door of a church in 1517. These theses are considered to be the starting point of the Protestant Reformation.

Instead of following in his father’s footsteps and becoming a lawyer, he decided to devote his life to the ministry instead. After he denied Pope Leo X’s demand that he withdraw his articles, the Catholic Church excommunicated him as punishment for his disobedience. In 1523, he tied the knot with Katharina von Bora.

Martin Luther

Net Worth

Martin Luther is a German theologian who has a net worth of $100 million. He is best known as the founder of the Lutheran church and as a key figure in the Protestant Reformation. In 1517, Luther wrote the “Ninety-Five Theses,” which critiqued the Catholic church’s practice of selling indulgences. This act sparked the Protestant Reformation, which led to the formation of the Lutheran church. Luther also wrote many influential theological works, such as “The Bondage of the Will” and “On the Jews and Their Lies.” He was a prolific preacher, and his sermons were widely circulated. Luther’s work had a profound impact on the development of Christianity in the West.


Martin Luther’s house, also known as the Lutherhaus, is a museum in Wittenberg, Germany. It is the largest museum in the world dedicated to the life and work of Martin Luther. The museum consists of several buildings, including Luther’s birthplace, the site of his marriage to Katharina von Bora, and the place where he wrote the 95 Theses. The museum also contains a large collection of Luther’s writings, art, and other artifacts.

Martin Luther house


Martin Luther Church (MLC) is a church in the city of Chicago, Illinois. The church is named after the Protestant reformer, Martin Luther. MLC was founded in 1867 by German immigrants. The church is affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). MLC is a member of the Chicago Metropolitan Association of the ELCA.


Martin Luther was a German theologian and religious reformer who wrote many books that helped to shape the Protestant Reformation. Some of his most famous works include On the Bondage of the Will and The 95 Theses. Luther’s writings were instrumental in sparking the Reformation and in shaping Protestant thought and practice.

Wife and Family

Martin Luther’s wife, Katharina von Bora, was a former nun who, like her husband, challenged the Catholic Church’s authority. She was a strong and independent woman who supported her husband’s work and helped to spread his message. She also ran their household and raised their six children. Katharina was a true partner to Martin Luther and played a key role in the success of the Reformation.

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