Maria Celeste Death, Net Worth, House, Husband, Bio

Name Maria Celeste
Date of Birth August 16, 1600
Place of Birth Italy

Maria Celeste


Maria Celeste was born on August 16, 1600 in Italy. She died on Apr 2, 1634 (age 33). Galilea Galilei was the daughter of the Italian physicist Galileo Galilei. During her father’s lifetime, she played an important role as a mediator and worked as the pharmacist for San Matteo.

In the year 1616, she entered the convent of San Matteo and selected the name Maria as her religious name. She did this in honour of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Maria Celeste was honoured by having an impact crater on Venus named after her by the International Astronomical Union. She was the oldest child of three, having been preceded in birth by her sister and followed by her brother.

Maria Celeste

Net Worth

Maria Celeste net worth: Maria Celeste is a Puerto Rican television host, producer, and author who has a net worth of $5 million. Maria Celeste began her career in broadcasting in the early 1990s. She has since gone on to host and produce a variety of shows for Univision, Telemundo, and other networks. Maria Celeste has also written several books, including a best-selling memoir about her childhood.


Maria Celeste’s house was a large, comfortable house. It was located in a small town in Spain. The town was known for its beautiful scenery and its friendly people. Maria Celeste’s house was surrounded by a large garden. The garden was full of beautiful flowers and trees. Maria Celeste’s house was also full of books. She had a library in her house that was full of books about history, science, and art.

Maria Celeste house

Husband and Family

Maria Celeste’s husband was Galileo Galilei, a renowned Italian physicist, mathematician, and astronomer. The couple had three children together, Virginia, Livia, and Vincenzo, all of whom Galileo taught mathematics and science. Despite his fame, Galileo was plagued by poverty and financial troubles throughout his life. Maria Celeste was a loyal and supportive wife, often taking care of Galileo’s financial affairs and even selling her own possessions to help him out. She also served as his housekeeper and copyist, transcribing his manuscripts so that they could be published. Galileo died in 1642, and Maria Celeste passed away just two years later.

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