Lopon Tsechu Death, Bio

Name Lopon Tsechu
Date of Birth September 19, 1918
Place of Birth China

Lopon Tsechu


Lopon Tsechu was born on September 19, 1918 in China. He died on Jun 10, 2003 (age 84). A religious sophisticate and master of Tibetan Buddhism who is best notable for his teachings and the strong following that he inspired.

When he was still a little lad, he went to the largest monastery in Bhutan to be ordained as a monk there. He constructed a great number of stupas, often known as sculptures of Buddha, all across the world. In point of fact, the one that he created in Spain is 108 feet tall, making it the largest one in the Western world at the time it was built. He was born in the country of Bhutan.

Lopon Tsechu

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