L’Okhna Suttantaprija ind Death, Bio

Name L’Okhna Suttantaprija ind
Date of Birth July 22, 1859
Place of Birth Cambodia

L'Okhna Suttantaprija ind


L’Okhna Suttantaprija ind was born on July 22, 1859 in Cambodia. He died on Nov 8, 1924 (age 65). A monk and poet from Cambodia who is famous for his contributions to the preservation of Khmer literature.

At the age of 15, he took his first vows as a monk. The Katilok series is probably the most well-known of his original works. Together with his wife Lok Yay Tuet, he is the father of five children: Son, San, Ly, Lone, and Yueon.

L'Okhna Suttantaprija ind

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