Loden Sherab Dagyab Age, Bio

Name Loden Sherab Dagyab
Date of Birth July 27, 1940 (Age: 82)
Place of Birth China

Loden Sherab Dagyab


Loden Sherab Dagyab was born on July 27, 1940 in China. Known as the 9th Kyabgoen of Dagyab when he was just four years old, the Tibetan spiritual teacher Tsewang Dongyal gained famous for this accomplishment.

He attended Drepung Monastic College for his formal schooling and graduated there. In 2004, he established the Tibet House in the country of Germany. Menya, which is located in Eastern Tibet, is the name of the little village where he was born.

Loden Sherab Dagyab

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