Kristen Clark Age, Husband, Bio

Name Kristen Clark
Date of Birth January 7, 1987 (Age: 35)
Place of Birth Texas

Kristen Clark


Kristen Clark was born on January 7, 1987 in Texas. She is well-known for her role in the establishment of the successful Girl Defined Ministries. She and her sister Bethany Baird published a book with the same name in 2016, and since then, she has been well-known for the message of women’s empowerment through spirituality that it conveys.

Together with her sister, she was a co-founder of GirlDefined in 2014. After graduating from high school, she had a career in the modelling industry. By spreading the GirlDefined message through her Instagram account, which now has more than 60,000 followers, she has gained fame. She is the author of a number of books, the most recent of which was released in 2013 and titled Looking In and Looking Up: A Spiritual Approach to Building Confidence. Since they were little children, she and her sister Bethany have frequently collaborated on a variety of projects together.

Kristen Clark

Husband and Family

The husband of Kristen Clark is a very supportive and loving husband. He is always there for her when she needs him and is always willing to help out with anything she needs. He is a great father to their two children and is always making sure they are happy and safe. He is a hard worker and is always making sure his family has everything they need. Kristen is very lucky to have such a supportive and loving husband.

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