Ken Ham Age, Net Worth, House, Wife, Books, Bio

Name Ken Ham
Date of Birth October 20, 1951 (Age: 70)
Place of Birth Cairns, Australia

Ken Ham


Ken Ham was born on October 20, 1951 in Cairns, Australia. A proponent of the Young Earth creationist ideology and the president of the Answers in Genesis (AiG) ministry as well as the Creation Museum.

He believed that the universe was founded 6,000 years ago, and that the Flood of Noah occurred in 2348 B.C. He also referenced texts in favour of the view that people and dinosaurs shared the earth at one time. AIG sponsored the opening of His Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky in 2007, where visitors can learn about Young Earth Creationism. Together with his wife Marilyn, he had four children, and they were blessed with 10 grandkids.

Ken Ham

Net Worth

Ken Ham is an Australian-born Christian fundamentalist and creationist who has a net worth of $20 million. He is the president of Answers in Genesis, a young earth creationist organization that operates the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky and the Ark Encounter theme park in Williamstown, Kentucky. Ham is a prolific author and speaker on the topics of creationism and Christianity. He has appeared on numerous television programs and radio shows, and his work has been featured in magazines and newspapers around the world.


Ken Ham’s house is a beautiful, two-story home located in a quiet neighborhood in Northern Kentucky. The home is immaculately kept and features a large, open floor plan with plenty of natural light. The Ham family enjoys spending time together in their spacious backyard, which includes a pool, trampoline, and plenty of room to run and play.

Ken Ham house


Ken Ham is the author of several books on Christianity, creationism, and apologetics. He is the founder of Answers in Genesis, a creationist ministry. His books include The Lie: Evolution, The Bible, and the Battle for America’s Soul, and The Genesis Flood: The Biblical Record and Its Scientific Implications.

Wife and Family

Mireya Ham is the wife of Ken Ham, the famous creationist. She is originally from Peru, and the couple have five children together. Mireya is a stay-at-home mom and is very involved in her husband’s work, often accompanying him on speaking engagements and helping with the day-to-day operations of the Creation Museum. She is a devout Christian and takes her faith very seriously.

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