Julia A’Bell Age, Bio

Name Julia A’Bell
Date of Birth April 19, 1973 (Age: 49)
Place of Birth Australia

Julia A'Bell


Julia A’Bell was born on April 19, 1973 in Australia. Author of books about religion and pastor at Hillsong in Australia. She is known for her eloquent sermons, but she has also authored and published a number of books on the subject of religion.

She started reading biblical literature at a young age and disseminating her message on social media before she found a broader platform to communicate her beliefs through the church. She had a desire for religion at a young age. Her role as a lead pastor makes her accountable for the realisation of the vision across all of Hillsong’s campuses in Australia, including Hillsong Sisterhood. She is the mother of two children and the wife of Joel A’Bell. Her children’s names are Harmony and Eli.

Julia A'Bell

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