Joy Powell Age, Bio

Name Joy Powell
Date of Birth March 5, 1962 (Age: 60)
Place of Birth United States

Joy Powell


Joy Powell was born on March 5, 1962 in United States. She is regarded as a religious leader and community activist for her efforts to combat gang violence and police brutality. In 2006, she was taken into custody for breaking and entering. She was arrested for the second-degree murder of James Rutledge, which occurred in 1992, while she was already incarcerated in the year 2009.

In the city of Rochester, New York, she served as the pastor of a Pentecostal congregation. She claims that a correctional officer sexually assaulted her in 1995, and because the authorities refused to investigate the allegation, she attended activist rallies to raise attention to police brutality and injustice. Free Joy Powell is the name of both a movement and a website that has been advocating for her release from custody. Her son, Terrell Blake, was killed in a gun battle with the law enforcement in 2018. He was her only child.

Joy Powell

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