Josue Brandao Age, Bio

Name Josue Brandao
Date of Birth May 7, 1974 (Age: 48)
Place of Birth Brazil

Josue Brandao


Josue Brandao was born on May 7, 1974 in Brazil. A pastor and lecturer who also serves as the president of the Evangelical Church Assembly of God, as well as the director and founder of Editora Ide and of the Ide Center for Theological Education.

He attended both the Faculty of Theology in Sao Paulo and the Faculty of Theology in Memorial, earning a Bachelor of Theology degree from both institution. He attended the Faculty of Theology and Philosophy at Hokemah and graduated with a degree in philosophy. He is the author of a number of books, and his articles have been published in a number of highly regarded periodicals. His parents are Gervasio Brandao Amorim and Deraldina Maria Amorim. Gesiel Jhones Lopes Brando is the only child that he and his wife, Helidi Brando, have together.

Josue Brandao

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