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Name Jonathan Edwards
Date of Birth October 5, 1703
Place of Birth Connecticut

Jonathan Edwards


Jonathan Edwards was born on October 5, 1703 in Connecticut. He died on Mar 22, 1758 (age 54). In the eighteenth century in the Americas, a Christian intellectual and theologian who also served as a religious leader. The most well-known sermon he ever delivered was titled “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God,” and it is largely responsible for his lasting legacy.

He was accepted to Yale College when he was only twelve years old and went on to graduate as valedictorian when he was seventeen years old. In the middle of the 1700s, he was an important figure during the time of the First Great Awakening. His union with Sarah Pierpont resulted in the birth of eleven children.

Jonathan Edwards

Net Worth

Jonathan Edwards is an American theologian and minister who has a net worth of $10 million. Edwards is considered to be one of the most important thinkers in American history. He was a major figure in the First Great Awakening, and his writings continue to influence Christian thought today. Edwards was also a prolific preacher, and his sermons are still studied and preached in many churches.


Jonathan Edwards’s house was a typical colonial house of the time, with a central hall and two parlors on either side. The house was built in 1726 and was located in Northampton, Massachusetts. Edwards lived in the house with his wife and nine children. The house was later sold to the town of Northampton and is now a museum.

Jonathan Edwards house


Jonathan Edwards was a world-renowned theologian and preacher in the 18th century. He is known for his deep and probing theological insights, as well as his powerful and moving preaching. Edwards was a central figure in the Great Awakening, a time of intense religious revival in America. His church was a key gathering place for those seeking spiritual renewal. Edwards was a passionate advocate for the rights of all people, and his church was a refuge for those who were persecuted for their beliefs. Today, Jonathan Edwards’ church is a vibrant community of faith, committed to carrying on his legacy of love, justice, and truth.


Jonathan Edwards was a prolific writer and theologian who is best known for his work, “A Treatise Concerning Religious Affections.” In this work, Edwards argues that true religion must have certain affections or emotions attached to it, and that these affections must be evidence of the work of the Holy Spirit in a person’s life. Edwards also wrote many other works on theology, Christian living, and Revivalism. His writings continue to be studied and read by Christians today.

Wife and Family

Sarah Edwards, the wife of Jonathan Edwards, was a deeply religious woman who shared her husband’s religious beliefs. She was a strong supporter of her husband’s work as a minister and missionary, and she often accompanied him on his travels. She was also a talented writer, and her work was published posthumously.

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