John Henry Newman Death, Books, Bio

Name John Henry Newman
Date of Birth February 21, 1801
Place of Birth London, England

John Henry Newman


John Henry Newman was born on February 21, 1801 in London, England. He died on Aug 11, 1890 (age 89). Cardinal Deacon of San Giorgio in Velabro from 1879 until 1890, he was a prominent leader in the Oxford Movement, which attempted to return the Church of England to many Catholic doctrines and practises. He served as Cardinal Deacon of San Giorgio in Velabro from 1879 until 1890.

At the age of fifteen, he had a religious awakening as a direct result of his obsessive reading of philosophers such as Hume, Paine, and Voltaire. In addition to his contributions to the establishment of the Catholic University of Ireland, he is best known for penning the hymns “Lead, Kindly Light” and “Praise to the Holiest in the Height.” He passed away in the city of Saratoga in New York.

John Henry Newman


John Henry Newman was an English theologian and philosopher who was also a leading figure in the Catholic Revival movement in the 19th century. He wrote many books on theology, apologetics, and devotional literature. Some of his most famous works include The Grammar of Assent, An Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine, and Apologia Pro Vita Sua.

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