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Name James Macdonald
Date of Birth October 4, 1960 (Age: 61)
Place of Birth Canada

James Macdonald


James Macdonald was born on October 4, 1960 in Canada. Author and preacher from the United States who established Harvest Bible Chapel.

In 1984, he received his diploma from London Baptist Bible College, and in 1988, he earned his master’s degree in divinity from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. In 1997, he made his debut as a host on the radio show Walk in the Word, which provides biblical instruction. He tied the knot with Kathy MacDonald.

James Macdonald

Net Worth

James Macdonald is a Canadian businessman and entrepreneur with a net worth of $1.5 billion. He is the co-founder of the investment firm, Macdonald & Associates, and is the chairman and CEO of the holding company, Macdonald Enterprises. He has invested in a number of businesses, including real estate, mining, and oil and gas. He is also a philanthropist, and has donated to a number of charities, including the Canadian Red Cross and the United Way.


James Macdonald’s house is a beautiful two-story home with a wrap-around porch and a large front yard. The house is located in a quiet neighborhood and is close to schools and parks. The inside of the house is just as beautiful as the outside, with hardwood floors and a cozy fireplace in the living room. James and his family are very happy in their new home.

James Macdonald house


James MacDonald Church was born in 1836 in Scotland. He was the son of a Presbyterian minister. He came to America with his family in 1849, and they settled in Philadelphia. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1856. He studied law and was admitted to the bar in 1858. He began his law practice in Philadelphia. In 1860, he married Margaret W. Smith. They had three children. In 1862, he enlisted in the Union Army and served in the Civil War. He was wounded at the Battle of Antietam and was mustered out of the Army in 1863. He returned to his law practice. In 1864, he was elected to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. He served in the House for two years. In 1866, he was elected to the Pennsylvania Senate. He served in the Senate for four years. In 1870, he was elected to the United States House of Representatives. He served in the House for six years. In 1876, he was elected to the United States Senate. He served in the Senate for two years. In 1878, he was elected Governor of Pennsylvania. He served as Governor for two years. In 1880, he was elected to the United States Senate. He served in the Senate for


James Macdonald is the author of numerous books, including the popular “Auction” series. His books are known for their humor and light-hearted approach to topics such as auctions, business, and finance.

Wife and Family

The wife of James Macdonald was a woman who was very supportive of her husband and his work. She was always there for him when he needed her and she was also very involved in his work. She was a very successful woman in her own right and she was also very beautiful. James Macdonald was a very lucky man to have such a wonderful wife.

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