People Are Getting Emotional Over This “Tattoo” A Father Found On His Dyslexic 9-Year-Old Son’s Arm

Reddit user “IsthatmyRemedy” was watching his son sleep when he noticed a “tattoo” on the boy’s arm.

“Belv in your self.”


Within hours of posting the image, encouraging comments and similarly inspiring stories flooded his thread. One Redditor named igotnothineither wrote:

“Im dyslexic and have my masters degree, you’re damn sure I believed in myself because the majority of people didn’t. I still struggle with spelling every day and it is embarrassing as hell but I still push through. Be proud of your son and tell him every damn day. That’s what got me through it all. Thanks mom and dad.”

Another comment said:

“Mate, I’m a dyslexic studying for my PhD 🙂
Don’t you dare ever let him not believe himself :)”

The photo brought many to tears:

“This picture really hit me hard. It almost makes me want to cry. I don’t even know if I can explain why. He’s only 9 and he understands well enough that if he believes in himself he can overcome his obstacles. It must have been such an introspective moment and important enough that he felt he should tattoo the message on himself. Gosh just so many feels. Much love to you and your son.”

One was even inspired to create this photo:


“Belv in yourself.” That’s something we can all do more of.

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