Estevam Hernandes Age, Bio

Name Estevam Hernandes
Date of Birth March 22, 1954 (Age: 68)
Place of Birth United States

Estevam Hernandes


Estevam Hernandes was born on March 22, 1954 in United States. Religious leader who is most known for establishing the Renascer em Cristo Apostolic Church and serving as its first bishop. In addition to that, he is the founder of other media companies, one of which is Rede Gospel.

In 2015, he was the leader of a March for Jesus in Brazil. There were about 4 million participants in the event. They had to pay a fine of one hundred thousand dollars since they were suspected of transporting illegally obtained cash. He and Sonia, his wife of almost 40 years, have been married for that long.

Estevam Hernandes

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