Davi Lago Age, Bio

Name Davi Lago
Date of Birth March 7, 1986 (Age: 36)
Place of Birth Sao Paulo, Brazil

Davi Lago


Davi Lago was born on March 7, 1986 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. A religious leader who delivered a talk on Brazil Polyphonics at the TEDxNovaLima conference in October of 2017. On his davilago Instagram account, he has a following of more than 90.000 people.

He attended PUC Minas and earned both a master’s degree in the Theory of Law as well as a degree in Law. In September of 2016, he was one of the speakers at the Marking the MAG Generation event. He tied the knot with a lady whose name was Natalia. Maria is the couple’s daughter; she was born as a result of their union.

Davi Lago

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