Dalai Lama Age, Net Worth, House, Wife, Books, Bio

Name Dalai Lama
Date of Birth July 6, 1935 (Age: 87)
Place of Birth China

Dalai Lama


Dalai Lama was born on July 6, 1935 in China. Spiritual leader of Tibet who lectures audiences all over the world on the significance of compassion as the driving force behind a happy and fulfilled life. In recognition of his efforts to promote peace not only in Tibet but all around the world, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1989.

As a kid, he did not speak Tibetan but rather a Chinese dialect known as Xining. He was given the name Tenzin Gyatso when he was born, and it was believed that he was the reincarnation of his predecessor. During the Tibetan uprising in 1959, he managed to escape to India, where he publicly condemned the People’s Republic and founded a Tibetan administration operating from India. His mother’s name is Diki, and his father’s name is Choekyong Tsering.

Dalai Lama

Net Worth

Dalai Lama net worth is $150 million. Dalai Lama is a 14th Dalai Lama and the spiritual leader of the Tibetan people. He was born on July 6, 1935, in Taktser, Amdo, Tibet. When he was two years old, he was recognized as the reincarnation of the 13th Dalai Lama, and at the age of four, he was enthroned as the Dalai Lama. He fled to India in 1959 after a failed uprising against the Chinese government, and has since lived in exile. He has been a vocal advocate for the Tibetan people’s rights and has campaigned for the return of Tibet to Chinese rule. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1989.


Dalai Lama’s house is a traditional Tibetan house. It is made of wood and stone, and has a thatched roof. The house is small and simple, with a few rooms and a kitchen. There is a garden and a pond in the front of the house.

Dalai Lama house


Dalai Lama is the spiritual leader of the Tibetan people. He is also a best-selling author. His books focus on Buddhism, meditation, and self-improvement. He has written over 100 books, including The Art of Happiness, The Book of Joy, and How to Practice: The Way to a Meaningful Life.

Wife and Family

Dalai Lama’s wife is a woman named Jetsun Pema. She is the daughter of an Tibetan official. The couple has four children.

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