Claudio Freidzon Age, Books, Bio

Name Claudio Freidzon
Date of Birth September 19, 1955 (Age: 67)
Place of Birth Buenos Aires, Argentina

Claudio Freidzon


Claudio Freidzon was born on September 19, 1955 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. King of Kings Church is a Christian congregation that can be found in Buenos Aires. I am the Senior Pastor there. He is the proprietor of the radio station FM Gospel and has also written and published a number of books. In addition, he produces his own television programme.

He attended the Rio de la Plata Seminary, which is affiliated with the Union of the Assemblies of God in Argentina, for his theological education. His television programme, which he produces and hosts himself, is seen by approximately one billion people every week in 190 different countries. He married Betty Freidzon in 1982. In addition to that, she serves as the senior pastor of the King of Kings Church. They have been blessed with two grandkids, Mateo and Isabella, in addition to their three children, Sebastian, Ezequiel, and Daniela, from their union.

Claudio Freidzon


Claudio Freidzon is an Argentinean writer who has written a number of books, both fiction and non-fiction. His work often deals with themes of Argentine history and culture, as well as the human condition. Freidzon’s writing is known for its lyrical prose and deep insights into the human heart. He has won several prestigious literary awards, and his work has been translated into many languages.

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