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Name Catherine Of Siena
Date of Birth March 25, 1347
Place of Birth Italy

Catherine Of Siena


Catherine Of Siena was born on March 25, 1347 in Italy. She died on Apr 29, 1380 (age 33). Tertiary of the Dominican Order and one of the two saints who are considered to be Italy’s patron saints.

In defiance of her mother’s insistence that she change her appearance in order to attract a spouse, she shaved her head and cut off her long hair. Throughout her life, she put up efforts to expand the papacy’s sphere of influence in Rome. Her mother was a weaver, and she had a number of brothers in addition to her.

Catherine Of Siena


Catherine Of Siena’s house is a large, beautiful house. It is located in the heart of Siena, Italy. The house is very old, and has many interesting features. It is surrounded by a large garden, and has a large patio area. The house is very well-kept, and is a popular tourist destination.

Catherine Of Siena house


Catherine of Siena was a 14th-century Italian mystic and theologian. She is one of the most influential figures in Christian history, and her writings have inspired many. Her best-known work is The Dialogue, which is a collection of her mystical conversations with God. In it, she discusses a wide range of topics including prayer, suffering, and the nature of God. Her other works include The Book of Divine Consolation, which is a collection of her letters, and The Treatise on Divine Love, which is a theological work.

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