Cardinal Richelieu Death, Books, Bio

Name Cardinal Richelieu
Date of Birth September 9, 1585
Place of Birth Paris, France

Cardinal Richelieu


Cardinal Richelieu was born on September 9, 1585 in Paris, France. He died on Dec 4, 1642 (age 57). This influential ecclesiastical and political figure from the seventeenth century served as Chief Minister to King Louis XIII of France and was also appointed French Secretary of State. He was born in France and died in England. It was largely due to his efforts that France was victorious in the War of the Thirty Years and that the Habsburg dynasty in Europe was able to be restrained in its dominance.

During the latter part of his childhood, he engaged in philosophical study as well as military training. The title of Bishop of Lucon was bestowed upon him when he was still in his early twenties. He was known as a major arts patron and is credited with founding the renowned Acadumie Francaise. He was the fourth child of Francois du Plessis and Susanne de La Porte and was given the name Armand Jean du Plessis when he was born. He grew up in Paris, France.

Cardinal Richelieu


Cardinal Richelieu was a French cardinal, statesman, and author. He was a chief minister to King Louis XIII of France and a significant figure in the first few decades of the 17th century. Cardinal Richelieu wrote several books, including “On the Consecration of Bishops”, “On Christian Liberty”, and “A Treatise on the Love of God”. His writings are noted for their clarity and style, and they continue to be read and studied today.

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