Billy Sunday Death, Net Worth, House, Wife, Books, Bio

Name Billy Sunday
Date of Birth November 19, 1862
Place of Birth Iowa

Billy Sunday


Billy Sunday was born on November 19, 1862 in Iowa. He died on Nov 6, 1935 (age 72). After his career in baseball ended, he transitioned into a ministry and gained much more followers than before.

Despite the fact that he was unable to get a hit in his first dozen at-bats and that his lifetime batting averages were mediocre for his age, he turned out to be an excellent base runner. He was returning home one night from a pub when he saw a man standing on a street corner preaching. That night, he had a revelation about religion, and he decided to become a minister. He became known for his fiery sermons, which earned him a lot of praise. He was reared in Ames, Iowa, by his widowed mother along with his two younger siblings after his parents passed away.

Billy Sunday

Net Worth

Billy Sunday’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million. He was a famous evangelist in the early 1900s and his preaching style was said to be very dynamic. He also wrote a number of books that were popular at the time. Sunday was also known for his work with the temperance movement and was a supporter of prohibition.


Billy Sunday’s house was a beautiful two-story home with a large front porch. The house had a lot of windows and was very well-lit. The front yard was well-manicured and there was a small pond in the back.

Billy Sunday house


Billy Sunday was a professional baseball player turned evangelist who was one of the most popular religious figures of the early 20th century. He wrote a number of books about his religious beliefs and his experiences as an evangelist. His books include “The Way to God” and “The Life of an Evangelist.”

Wife and Family

Carrie Amelia Moore was an American evangelist and the wife of famous evangelist Billy Sunday. She was born in Iowa in 1868 and the two were married in 1891. Carrie was a gifted speaker in her own right and often spoke at her husband’s revivals. The two were a powerhouse team and helped to spread the gospel to millions of people around the world. Carrie passed away in 1935, but her legacy continues on through the work of her husband and the many lives they touched.

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