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Name Benny Hinn
Date of Birth December 3, 1952 (Age: 69)
Place of Birth Jaffa, Israel

Benny Hinn


Benny Hinn was born on December 3, 1952 in Jaffa, Israel. Evangelist who serves as the host of the televised programme “This Is Your Day.” In addition to this, he is notorious for making incorrect prophesies, such as claiming that the end of the world will occur in the years 1992 and 1999.

Following the conclusion of the Six Day War in 1967, he left Israel and settled in Canada. In 2004, the CBC television show The Fifth Estate did a special on the apparent transgressions committed by his ministry titled “Do You Believe in Miracles.” In this episode, the producers of the show demonstrated his apparent misappropriation of funds and his fabrication of the truth. The episode was titled “Do You Believe in Miracles.” His former wife, Suzanne, is the mother of his four children.

Benny Hinn

Net Worth

Benny Hinn is a televangelist who has a net worth of $60 million. Hinn was born in Jaffa, Israel in 1952. His family moved to Toronto, Canada when he was four years old. He was raised as a Pentecostal. Hinn began preaching at age eighteen. He later founded the Orlando Christian Center in 1983. Hinn’s ministry claims to have healed people of various afflictions. Hinn has been criticized for his lavish lifestyle and for allegedly making false claims about healings.


Benny Hinn’s house is one of the most beautiful and extravagant houses in the world. It is located in Orange County, California and is worth an estimated $10 million. The house has a total of eight bedrooms, eleven bathrooms, a swimming pool, a spa, and a home theater. It also has a huge kitchen with two islands, a breakfast nook, and a formal dining room. The house also has a five-car garage, a gym, and a game room.

Benny Hinn house


Benny Hinn Church is a non-denominational, charismatic Christian church founded in 1983 by Benny Hinn. The church is located in Grapevine, Texas, a suburb of Dallas. The church is best known for its “healing services”, which are held several times a year and attract people from all over the world. The church also has a strong focus on evangelism and has an active outreach program.


Benny Hinn is a best-selling author, televangelist, and faith healer. He has written over 30 books, including such titles as Good Morning, Holy Spirit, Prayer: The Key to Revival, and Healing: God’s Master Plan. Hinn’s books focus on topics such as the Holy Spirit, prayer, and healing. His writing is characterized by its simple, direct style and its focus on personal testimonies and biblical references.

Wife and Family

Benny Hinn’s wife, Suzanne Hinn, is a former co-host of The Benny Hinn Show. She is also a speaker and an author. Suzanne has been married to Benny since 1979, and they have four children together.

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