Benjamin L Corey Age, Books, Bio

Name Benjamin L Corey
Date of Birth April 26, 1976 (Age: 46)
Place of Birth Maine

Benjamin L Corey


Benjamin L Corey was born on April 26, 1976 in Maine. Megablogger, author, and religious commentator with an annual readership of over 3 million. He is a prominent player in the Progressive Christian and Christian Pacifist movements, both of which he helped start.

After receiving his diploma from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, he continued his education by earning his doctorate from Fuller Theological Seminary. He has visited every continent other than Antarctica, but it is very high on his list of things to do in the future to travel to Antarctica. He spent his childhood on a dairy farm in the foothills of Maine, where his father continues to milk the family’s organic holstein cows. He now lives in the city.

Benjamin L Corey


I really enjoy books written by Benjamin L Corey. He has a way of making complex theological concepts digestible for the everyday Christian. His writing style is engaging, and I always find myself learning something new when I read his work. I would recommend his books to anyone looking for a good, solid introduction to theology.

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