Bassim Al-Karbalaei Age, Bio

Name Bassim Al-Karbalaei
Date of Birth November 12, 1967 (Age: 54)
Place of Birth Iraq

Bassim Al-Karbalaei


Bassim Al-Karbalaei was born on November 12, 1967 in Iraq. A religious leader and eulogy reciter for the Shia faith who has performed his duties at funerals and other ceremonies in Bahrain, Denmark, Germany, and Saudi Arabia. On his bk staff Instagram account, he has amassed more than 1.6 million followers.

Between the years 1966 and 1980, he started taking part in the processions that took place in Karbala, Iraq. In order to enhance the quality of his voice and speaking, he taught himself how to read the Qur’an. He is a father to four kids.

Bassim Al-Karbalaei

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