Anton Martin Slomsek Death, Bio

Name Anton Martin Slomsek
Date of Birth November 26, 1800
Place of Birth Slovenia

Anton Martin Slomsek


Anton Martin Slomsek was born on November 26, 1800 in Slovenia. He died on Sep 24, 1862 (age 61). Bishop from Slovenia in the nineteenth century who was also a poet, author, and songwriter. He also established a publishing firm known as the Hermagoras Society.

At 1824, he attended the seminary in Klagenfurt and received his priestly ordination. It wasn’t until 1846 that he was elevated to the position of Bishop of Lavant. Along with writing books on the subject of Slovene religious education, he was also a prominent songwriter, having penned songs such as “En hribek bom kupil” (I Will Buy a Small Hill). In the vicinity of Ponikva, in the village of Slom, he was the first child of a family of farmers.

Anton Martin Slomsek

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