Anne Catherine Emmerich Death, House, Books, Bio

Name Anne Catherine Emmerich
Date of Birth September 8, 1774
Place of Birth Germany

Anne Catherine Emmerich


Anne Catherine Emmerich was born on September 8, 1774 in Germany. She died on Feb 9, 1824 (age 49). German nun who was considered to be a stigmatic, mystic, and visionary within the Roman Catholic Church.

She had to make a commitment that she would study the organ in order to be admitted to a convent, and she kept her vow. Clemens Brentano allegedly saw visions of Jesus and used those experiences as the basis for two novels that she published. Her family was comprised of hardworking but impoverished farmers.

Anne Catherine Emmerich


Anne Catherine Emmerich’s house was located in a small village in Germany. The house was very plain and simple, with only a few rooms. Anne Catherine lived there with her parents and siblings. There was a small garden behind the house, and a few chickens. The family was very poor, and they often went without food. Anne Catherine’s father worked as a day laborer, and her mother did whatever she could to help support the family.

Anne Catherine Emmerich house


Anne Catherine Emmerich was a German mystic, religious visionary, and stigmatist. She was born in 1774 and died in 1824. During her life, she wrote a number of books about her religious visions, including The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ and The Life of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Emmerich’s books are characterized by their detailed, first-hand accounts of her religious experiences.

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