Alhabib Muhammad Syahab Age, Bio

Name Alhabib Muhammad Syahab
Date of Birth January 11, 1978 (Age: 44)
Place of Birth Palembang, Indonesia

Alhabib Muhammad Syahab


Alhabib Muhammad Syahab was born on January 11, 1978 in Palembang, Indonesia. A religious leader from Indonesia who is most known for his widely listened-to sermons and who performs in a variety of settings across the entirety of his home nation. He maintains a popular Instagram account that features content related to lifestyle and religion.

He has committed every single moment of his life to the practise of his religion. He lifts weights frequently and with great zeal. On Instagram, he has more than 380,000 people that follow him as a follower. He is one of two brothers.

Alhabib Muhammad Syahab

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