Abdul al-Aziz ibn Baz Death, Bio

Name Abdul al-Aziz ibn Baz
Date of Birth November 21, 1910
Place of Birth Saudi Arabia

Abdul al-Aziz ibn Baz


Abdul al-Aziz ibn Baz was born on November 21, 1910 in Saudi Arabia. He died on May 13, 1999 (age 88). During the 1990s, Baz held the high-ranking religious and legal position of Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia. He was an Islamic religious scholar and a devoted supporter of the Salafi movement, which is a conservative branch of Sunni Islam.

In his younger years, he pursued his education under the tutelage of a number of well-known Islamic scholars, such as Muhammad ibn Ibrahim Al ash-Sheikh and Abdullah bin Qu’ood. More than sixty of his theological works were published throughout his lifetime, and he was heavily condemned for his opposition to women’s rights. Born and raised in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, he suffered the loss of both his parents early in his life: his father while he was a young kid and his mother when he was a young adult. As a result, he and his brother were required to contribute financially to the family during their formative years. Baz had a number of different spouses and a large brood of offspring.

Abdul al-Aziz ibn Baz

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