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    UK Mom Turns Kids’ Hearing Aids Into Awesome Fashion Accessories

    UK mom Sarah Ivermee has developed a line of hearing aid and cochlear implant decorations in order to help children feel more confident when wearing their devices in public. Her son Freddie has a cochlear implant, but it was actually the daughter of a friend who inspired Sarah’s cool ear-decor invention. Her friend’s daughter was […] More

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    People Are Getting Emotional Over This “Tattoo” A Father Found On His Dyslexic 9-Year-Old Son’s Arm

    Reddit user “IsthatmyRemedy” was watching his son sleep when he noticed a “tattoo” on the boy’s arm. “Belv in your self.” Reddit Within hours of posting the image, encouraging comments and similarly inspiring stories flooded his thread. One Redditor named igotnothineither wrote: “Im dyslexic and have my masters degree, you’re damn sure I believed in […] More

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    A Lost And Hungry Dog Was Too Scared To Let Anybody Close, Until One Woman Did This

    When Amanda Guarascio and Dylan Parkinson of Carbonado, Washington State heard about the frightened dog, they knew they had to rescue him. The canine, who had been separated from his owner for months, was almost skin-and-bones. Many passers-by attempted to feed and adopt the dog. But he was too scared to let anybody close. Little Things The […] More

  • Cancer Patients Highlight How Trivial Our Popular Understanding Of Happiness Is

    We take so many things for granted, and we always want so much more. We dream of jobs in New York, owning businesses, and being rich beyond our wildest dreams. But there are some people whose wishes are simple and true, and remind us of the things that are truly important in life. YouTube An organization in […] More

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    Military Man Who Missed His 10th Wedding Anniversary Makes Up For It In Serious Style

    The 10-year wedding anniversary is a major milestone for any marriage. Particularly so for National Army Guard Chris Banford, who had never before missed an anniversary. This year, he was sent to military training in Missouri and, due to lack of transportation, wasn’t able to celebrate this important occasion with his wife Mary. Banford knew he had a […] More

  • Five Christian Lessons You Can Learn From This Star Olympic Athlete

    Lori “Lolo” Jones has achieved great heights as an American track and field and bobsled athlete. But her life hasn’t been easy. Growing up in poverty, Jones learned how to steal food, moved homes frequently, and even experienced homelessness. Her situation became better in high school when she joined the hurdles team. She also earned a college scholarship for the […] More

  • This Miracle Baby Boy Was Born 54 Days After His Mom Was Declared Brain Dead

    Karla Perez and her partner desperately wanted a second baby. But during her 22nd week of pregnancy, she suffered a stroke. Doctors declared her brain dead. This left her family and the medical team at the Methodist Hospital with a difficult choice, and an even more difficult mission: To try and keep 22-year-old Karla alive, […] More

  • The Reason Why This See-Through Church Was Built Will Make You Lament

    A group of artists and architects in Limburg, Belgium pieced together 100 columns and 2,000 layers of steel to create this see-through church. Kristof Vrancken via Architecture Lab The structure was created by a firm called Gijs Van Vaerenbergh as part of a contemporary art project. They named it “Reading Between The Lines.” Kristof Vrancken […] More

  • This Steel-Plated Bible Literally Saved A WWII Soldier’s Life

    Before WWII veteran Bill Linton was shipped to fight in the war, his mother gave him a treasured gift. The “Heart-Shield Bible,” as it is known, was a standard issue to American soldiers during that time. Many veterans considered it a shield of faith, made to protect them during trying times. During a battle, Linton was […] More

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