A Whole Town Came Together To Give A Girl With Cancer The Sweetest 16 Ever

Abby Snider knew that she couldn’t have a 16th birthday to remember. Having leukemia meant mounting medical bills for her treatment would make a big celebration impossible.

So she expected nothing out of the ordinary when her special day came. But she was so wrong:

Abby had lived a healthy life until she was diagnosed with leukemia last year. It meant she had to miss her 15th birthday party, so her surprise sweet 16 bash meant a lot to her.

Battling cancer was difficult and even devastating for Abby: “There were times I didn’t want to do it anymore and I just wanted them to kill me.”

But she held on to her faith and now she knows there is a whole town behind her. She’s stronger than ever.

When she walked into the room with that look on her face, they all knew their efforts were more than worth it.

The memorable birthday was made possible by Still Brave, an organization helping childhood cancer patients and survivors. It was founded by “Tattooed” Tom Mitchell, who lost his daughter to Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

The sweetest surprise of her life came at the right time.


Happy birthday, Abby. Stay brave.

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