He May Have Lost His Limbs, But He Never Lost His Faith. And Now He’s A Massive Inspiration.

Noah Galloway was a healthy soldier in his 20s. But everything changed when the Humvee he was riding got blown off by an improvised explosive device.

In 2005, Noah lost his left leg and arm.

Christian Torres

At first, he was held back by the embarrassment of going to the gym with half of his limbs gone. So he decided to train at 2am when no one was around.

It was not easy for him to get his fitness back. He had to re-learn everything he used to do — this time with only an arm and a leg. But with unwavering faith, he not only overcame his mental and physical struggles, he rose up stronger than ever.

The former soldier is now a favorite in “Dancing with the Stars” and he continues to amaze. His story is an inspiration to those facing hardships.

“I’ve got two limbs left. I could do something with [them].”

Clouds of doubts and depression continue to haunt him until today, despite his achievements.

Noah is the embodiment of a vital life lesson: our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.


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